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15 iPhone Apps Every Architect Must Have

4 May 2011 No Comment

Architecture is an occupational field where you need to stay very organized, calculated, have a great deal of creativity and own many skills. The iPhone is a very comprehensive multitasking tool, which if packed with the correct tools can help you do your job quickly and accurately.

Draw, read, calculate, organize your meetings, prepare for your LEED certification exam, and experiment with these handy and very useful applications that you will simply love. You are only a click away from having the universe of architectural professionalism right in your pocket for a relatively very small investment!

1. ColorSnap

Colorsnap3 Colorsnap5 Colorsnap1Image source 1 2 3

This is a color matcher application, which allows you to capture just about any color from a photo or the real world and convert it to paint color. You can create your own color palette very easily, and share it on social media portals, or send it via email to friends or colleagues. Match, adjust, browse and save your favorite color combinations within seconds. Add some imagination, and create unique pastels that you will use for the works that you create.

iTunes download link

2. Sketchbook Mobile App

Sketchbook1 Sketchbook2 Sketchbook3Image source 1 2 3

A master tool for drawing and design. This is a highly creative tool that allows you to draw even digital sketches on a napkin. It has the renowned SketchbookPro Software paint engine embedded, so you can achieve very high quality brush or fluid paintings. It has 45 preset brush types, like markers, pencils, texture brushes or felt pens. All the brush settings are fully customizable, so that you are allowed to express your drawings and sketches exactly the way you envision them. It is a highly useful tool for architects and graphic designers alike.

iTunes download link

3. CAD touchR2

CADtouch2 CADtouch3 CADtouch4Image source 1 2 3

This is an iPhone application that is very useful not only for architects, but engineers, designers or carpenters as well. Thanks to its high standard embedded technology, the app allows you to draw with great precision floor plans, calculate areas/perimeters, and build complicated diagrams. Whenever you are satisfied with your drawing, you can instantly send it through mail.

iTunes Download link

4. Architect’s Formulator

Architects-formulator5Architects-formulator2 Architects-formulator3Image source 1 2 3

A very comprehensive and highly professional app which contains 200+ useful formulas for architects. Some of the formula sections include: Acoustics, Room Absorption, Reverberation Time-metric or Time-feet, Cantilever Vmax, Uniform Load Tree Spans, Weight of Fine Aggregate, Bricks Needed in 8, 12 or 16 inch wall, Design, Seating Capacity Area, plus many more.

iTunes download link

5. Colorcoat Prisma®

ColorcoatPrisma1 ColorcoatPrisma2 ColorcoatPrisma3 Image source 1 2 3

With this app you can view the sample colours and specifications of the Colorcoat Prisma® colours, and of course you can order samples or view finished buildings that have used the Prisma colours. With a touch of a button, you can check the great palette of new colors, product performance information, and read case studies charts. Confidex Guarantee® is up to 30 years for solid metallic colors and up to 25 for matt colors. The app is totally free, and perfectly compatible even with iOS 4.

iTunes download link

6. (2 Do: Tasks Done in Style)

2do1 2do2 2do3Image 1 2 3

If you are an architect, you know the importance of staying organized and working around a well defined schedule. If you are not satisfied with the organizer tools you have had until now, 2Do will delight you with its many functions, settings and ease of use. Besides having an elegant layout, it is extremely useful and you will definitely not get lost in the complicated features. Helps you stay productive with your work.

iTunes download link

7. Architect Quick Quotes v. 1.3

Architect-quotes1 Architect-quotes2 Architect-quotes3Image 1 2 3

This is a fun and very inspiring application every architect should own on their iPhone. This basically is a selection of 380+ quotes from very famous architects around the world. Some of the great names quoted in this collection are Frank Lloyd Wright, Rem Koolhaas, Addison Mizner, Kenzo Tange and many more. You can bookmark the quotes, search the library very easily and email them to your friends. Moreover, there are 23 colorful wallpapers included.

iTunes download link

8. Architect Envi Deluxe

Architect-Envi5Architect-Envi1 Architect-Envi2 Architect-Envi3 Architect-Envi4Image source 1 2 3 4 5

Brought to you by Open Door Networks Inc., this application is your iPhone encyclopedia and thesaurus, containing the world’s most famous architects with high quality pictures of their best works. Moreover, with each entry you will also get in-depth information regarding the architect himself. This is the perfect tool for a starter architect, but an invaluable collection for the master architect as well.

iTunes download link

9. LEED Green Associate Flashcards app

Leed-green-associate1 Leed-green-associate2 Leed-green-associate3Image source 1 2 3

A highly educational tool brought to you by LEED Teacher. Given the fact that in the architecture nowadays it is very important to stay eco-friendly, taking the LEED Green Associate exam is a hugely important step in your career. The educational flashcards will guide through the preparation for this important exam. Good luck!

iTunes download link

10. Buildings App

Buildingsapp1 Buildingsapp2 Buildingsapp3Image source 1 2 3

Highly useful, map-like application featuring all the important buildings from all over the world. This is a quick reference guide for both starter and pro architects, and within seconds you will find the building you are looking for with comprehensive explanatory notes attached and location on map.

iTunes download link

11. Architecture

Architecture1 Architecture2Image source 1 2

This is a highly inspirational tool. Whenever you feel like you are out of design and creation ideas, simply browse through the wide and diverse palette of architectural shapes. Brought to you by Italic Labs LC, the compendium consists of a slideshow of top quality images from around the world which have been photographed by experts in the field. Simply beautiful!

iTunes download link

12. Drawvis

Drawvis1 Drawvis3 Drawvis4Image source 1 2 3

A highly useful application that allows architects and technical engineers to view technical drawings in AutoCAD DXF format. What is even better about it is that you are allowed you attach sticky notes to your drawings, so that you can always organize drawings well, and get help from the reminder notes. Version 1.3 is currently updated and it allows voice, image and video notes as well. The app is totally free, and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

iTunes download link

13. Design Observer Application

DesignObserver1 DesignObserver2 DesignObserver3Image source 1 2 3

A very modern tool for every architect. If you love designobserver.com, and you probably do if you are passionate about design and architecture from around the World, then this application is a copy of the site in miniature. It is a totally free app, and you will get an instant insight into the trends in sustainable architecture, visual culture, innovative techniques, and urbanism. You can catch up with the news in the field, by browsing among the high quality essays, reports, videos or special slideshows. It comes with a special “Mondrian” view, which allows you to use key images for browsing articles/essays.

iTunes download link

14. Globe Convert

Globeconvert1 Globeconvert2 Globeconvert3Image source 1 2 3

In order to stay fully organized, you will also need an application that will help you convert units quickly and accurately. Plus, since you are a master of aesthetics yourself, you would like to have one good looking converter, just like this one. It is totally free to download, and has many integrated converting and calculating functions such as area, speed, length, width, power, pressure, temperature and many more.

iTunes download link

15. 3D Builder Bricks

3dbuilder13dbuilder2Image source 1 2

This is an application that will help you expand your creative side. You can use several “Lego” like building blocks to create stunningly visual works of art. Half playing and half seriously, within minutes you will be able to see what beautiful designs you have created. This application is not intended for professionals or to aid you with your work, but it is simply a challenging and funny application that you will enjoy playing and constructing with!

iTunes download link

This selection of the best iPhone Apps for Architects

Some of them are free, while some of them with a quite decent price tag – will definitely make your life easier.

You can choose among several professional calculators, drawing & design tools, full architectural encyclopedias, a thesaurus in images containing the most representative works from around the world, and even one compendium of quotes from famous architects.

Many of these applications are intended for professional use, but you will also find a few that have simple recreational purposes and which you as an architect will highly enjoy. Great ideas come from little things, so go ahead and pick out the applications that you think you will find useful, interesting or must-haves for your job.

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