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Don’t believe everything you hear

10 January 2008 No Comment
Don’t believe everything that you hear. 

A number of rumours have surfaced recently regarding the availability and performance of Colorcoat Prisma® pre-finished steel products from Corus and the Confidex® Guarantee. These rumours are completely unfounded and have no substance to them whatsoever. We would like to put the record straight.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering quality pre-finished steel products in the UK and the performance of Colorcoat® products is based on over 40 years experience in this market.

This is reflected in Colorcoat Prisma® which brings together aesthetics and durability to provide a guaranteed alternative to PVDF. The product offers superior aesthetics which helps to give it a smooth finish – delivered through an exciting range of solid and metallic shades as well as the Repertoire® colour matching facility for bespoke colours. Colour and gloss retention is at the forefront of industry standards. Colorcoat Prisma® IS available for both WALL AND ROOF contrary to some belief out there.

Colorcoat Prisma® (and Colorcoat HPS200®) are the ONLY pre-finished steel products which are backed by the market leading Confidex® Guarantee. The following matrix outlines some essential differences between our guarantee and others that are available. 

 Area  Confidex® Guarantee  Other guarantees

Rectification costs

Full remedial action so all rectification costs covered.

Some limit the value of the claim to the invoice value of the steel which could be lower than the rectification costs.

Maintenance free

No annual inspections or maintenance are required for the duration of the guarantee to maintain its validity.

Some claim to be maintenance free but require regular inspection logs to be kept.

Non standard colours

Colours specified through Repertoire®.

Do not generally provide any guarantee for no standard colours.

Guarantee transfer

Can easily be transferred should the building ownership change.

Some suggest transferring ownership is possible but at the discretion of the supplier i.e. the transfer is not assured.

In the event of a coating failure

Building owner contacts Corus directly to address claim.

Some require the building owner to contact the supply chain with the cladding manufacturer ultimately making contact with steel supplier to pursue the claim.

Roof pitches

Covers roof pitches down to 1º.

Higher roof pitches drain more easily and not all guarantees cover pitches below 6º.

Processing of pre-finished steel

Corus requires the product to have been used and the guarantee registered within 18 months of manufacture.

Some guarantees require the product to have been used within 4 weeks of manufacture.

 Key issues you should think about:

· Is the guarantee clear and concise? Many guarantees only serve to confuse.

· Is the guarantee easily transferable?

· Are the guarantee periods dependant on orientation? Do you receive the same guarantee on a south facing slope as you do is for the north? Some guarantees have a reduction of up to 4 years for south facing slopes.

· Does the guarantee cover non standard colours?

· Are the cut edges covered? The cut edges are the most vulnerable aspect of the roofing and cladding material. It is vital, that the cut edges are covered for the full period of the guarantee term. Quite often, the cut edges are either excluded or limited to 10 years under the guarantee terms and conditions.

· Does the guarantee cover you for full reparation costs? – It is also important that you select a guarantee which does not have a limit in the event of a claim.

· Is there a requirement for annual maintenance inspections? 

Two things can seem the same, sound the same and make the same promises. But don’t be fooled into thinking they’ll perform the same.



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