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Steel Delicacy: the Best Artists and their Beautiful Works

27 June 2011 No Comment

Steel is cold, or so they say. But this material can become the most delicate ingredient in the hands of skilled artists, who turn it into special works of art.

Hereby, you are invited to take a journey into the world of art that requires steel as the main material. Presenting 10 extraordinary artists and their beautiful, extremely delicate, funny, real-life like, sometimes even ridiculous works and their visions as artists. Freedom of expression reflects itself perfectly in art, and you will see that even a “cold” piece of steel can become beautifully animated.

Bettye Turner – listening to the voice of nature


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Bettye Turner is a sculptor in steel, who mainly builds large animal forms for outdoors which are very imposing and sumptuously looking. All the little but very important components of life such as mythology, music, or religion, inspire her with a huge amount of energy that she transforms into art.

However, according to what the sculptor herself admits in the description on her website, it is mainly organic life in its entirety that attracts her most. She can turn the image of a stack of hay into the most beautiful steel sculpture, or she can find the ultimate inspiration even in the morning dew and how that reflects in nature.

For those interested in finding our more about the artist and her work, here is her main webpage: http://www.bhtsculpture.com/

Jan Pearson – Imagination helps him bring about beautiful steel sculptures


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Jan Pearson is a commission artist, who offers customers a diverse range of services. These include leather carving, wood carving, sculpture, architecture, furniture, or jewelry/silver creation.

He basically took on modern steel sculpting techniques, offering his clients a great variety of beautiful pieces of art that have as its main ingredient the steel. Also, he admits that imagination is the mist important part in each artist’s creative process, and so he heavily relies on creative imagination while constructing his pieces.

One outstandingly beautiful piece is the “Lion Bridge” that was finished by the artist in the early 90’s, and where he used a combination of black granite, steel and copper.

For more information regarding his works, long on to: http://www.janpearson.com

Martin Sturman – steel worked with finesse, embroidery like pieces of work


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Martin Sturman is a contemporary art designer, who uses steel to create the most beautiful sculptures in floral, abstract or figurative designs. He creates table top sculptures, pieces for the wall, architectural accents and also gates made of steel.

The steel types that he uses for his work include weathered steel, stainless steel but also acrylic painted carbon steel.

He is a commission artist, so basically clients need to place their order and wait until the artist completes the work. Certainly, he features several pieces that can be bought on the spot, but if you need something more special, that would require collaborative commissioning.

The presentation webpage of the artist is http://www.sturmansteelsculptures.com/

James Racchi – from scrap metals to artistry


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James Racchi is a recycled steel sculptor from Key West. He brings steel to life by creating wonderful table top sculptures, or giant outdoor sculptures.

He majored at the Cleveland Institute of Art in the year of 1987, and after several years of creating mainly sculptures in wood and stone carvings, he discovered the magic of the steel. He started collecting scrap metal from all the places he could, and started to create works of art from them. Thus, he saw that steel as the main ingredient for his works proves to be inexpensive and at the same time he was keeping the environment clean.

He also runs his annual steel artworks exhibition, called “Art in the Park” at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park at Key West. The exhibition is run for six weeks annually, and other young artists are also featured with their works of art.

His webpage can be found at: http://www.jimracchi.com/

Mary Tailor – extreme delicacy and attention to detail


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Mary Tailor is an artist who is specialized in wildlife sculptures made of steel, and she is someone who pays great attention to details in her works. Nature in general plays a very important role in her creative process. She creates both sculptures that are used in interiors, and ones that used for outdoors.

The animation process that she uses is extremely realistic, and her pieces of work blend in very harmoniously with the surrounding nature. Many of her works are exhibited in famous galleries around the country and worldwide as well.

The stainless steel pieces of sculpture are being painted so that they will bear even more resemblance and sense of reality to the creatures that these sculptures imitate.

Check out her main website for even more such wonderful pieces: http://www.marytaylorsculpture.com/

Wayne Trapp – Beautiful large outdoor steel artistry


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wayne-trapp2 wayne-trapp1

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Wayne Trapp is a versatile artist, who besides sculpting in steel, also paints on canvas, or makes sculptures in stone. The most interesting and eye catching pieces of his work however, are those that he produces during sculpting in steel.

These sculptures are generally outdoor pieces of artistry that are highly symbolic to eternal questions such as the passing of time, questions about the Universe in general, but he also creates work that is very representative to marking celebrations.

Generally these are abstract geometrical pieces of sculpture in steel, that come to bring an extra force and meaning to our beautiful nature.

The master’s online portfolio can be visited at http://www.waynetrapp.com/

Michael Turner – the visionary artist who likes creating unique pieces


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Michael Turner is a unique visionary artist who likes to create special pieces of art made from steel. His specialty is to create animal sculptures, but he also creates pieces on a great diversity of subjects, such as sea life, objects and vehicles or fantasy.

He is an artist with his local studio in the UK, but he certainly welcomes the opportunity of working with clients from all over the world.

His smaller outdoor sculptures of steel are particularly enjoyed by people who like to have in their garden a unique piece of sculpture that everybody will admire.

For more information regarding his work: http://www.michaelturnerstudios.com/

James Corbett – Old car parts make up his innovative steel artworks


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James Corbett is a very talented car parts sculptor from Australia, who uses steel as the main ingredient to build his wonderful creations. His creations are very lifelike, and what is even more interesting is that he actually uses integer car parts to create his pieces for the exhibitions, galleries or his clients. He likes the old and the interesting car parts in particular, and he has already achieved impressing customers from all over the world.

His pieces are quite famous, since they have been used by huge corporations for marketing purposes (TV advertisements especially). The steel sculpture method that he works in is called steel “assemblage art”.

His webpage is located at: http://www.jamescorbettart.com

Royce Carlson- from waste steel to higher art


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The artist uses mainly recycled steel to create his abstract pieces of art. What is even more interesting is that Royce Carlson himself admits he has never studied the art of sculpting at a college or university, and still he is able to create pieces of art that people in general love. He basically makes bigger sculptures, and generally uses only waste pieces of steel. His works simply make a city look more beautiful, or the interiors of a shop or a hall to look more interesting, fascinating.

His business is called Cosmic Steel, where the artist prides himself to create beautiful welded steel sculptures and many other architectural oddities.

Freeman Loughridge – non-conformism taken to the extremes- when fun meets art


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freeman-loughbridge3 freeman-loughbridge1

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On his website, Loughridge Jr. calls his collection of art and works “sublimely ridiculous stuff”. Therefore, you guessed well, his work is intended for non conformist people who like odd steel sculptures and very interesting forms and shapes in their homes or their courtyards.

Junk sculpture is how he calls his art, and you would definitely not get bored by visiting his website at: http://www.funksculp.com/


You will have seen that many of the artists presented within this collection make use of recycled steel, others prefer to work with acrylic painted steel or weathered steel, while others only love to make pieces of art out of scraps they find in the dump, or car parts that are more than 80 years old.

Steel can be “moulded”, painted and shaped after the exact envision from the artist. Most of the artists presented here started their career by making wooden sculptures or stone carvings, but have ended up embracing steel as the most perfect material that will help them build their expressive works even better.

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